On mission

When the 12 seminarians began the Society of Mary, they didn’t have a clear idea of what exactly the group would do, but they said they would dedicate themselves “in every way” to help people “in any part of the world.” Marists prefer to work where others do not or cannot or will not work. They are missionaries, and they prefer to work on the margins of society, in the cracks where people have fallen, and outside the walls of the Church.

Chapter five – Setting out

Any part of the world

An uncommon deed

A woman of great virtue

The Pioneers

Set out in haste

Buried in the rich soil

New langauage

Free people

Setting out again

Chapter six – On the fringe

The Bugey missions

The world as mission

A taste for sinners

Feel the pulse of the age

Leave the ninety-nine

At the margins

Beyond the margins

Compassion to the limits

Saved without the Law

Do we hesitate