Life from within

The Marist project was described as “a tree of many branches”. There were branches of priests, brothers, sisters, and lay people. Within a year of the death of the founder of the brothers, 421 young men had become brothers. At the death of the founder of the priests’ branch, 258 priests and religious were working in France, Oceania and London. Within a year of its approval 16 young women from one small village had joined the sisters’ group. What was the secret?

Chapter three – Life Force


Least Marian yet most Marian

Woman, Mother, and disciple

Most hidden

Most present

I am watchful

A parent’s care

Care for the people of God

A Marian church

Silence gives you perfect sound

Chapter Four – Fire and rose

A place to stand

A place of the heart

Pentecostal fire

One in mind and heart

A bridge to souls

Losing itself in the church

Power bursting forth

Caught up

Life from within