There’s only one Gospel: the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But there are different ways of living the Gospel. Francis of Assisi, Dominic, Ignatius of Loyola and many others found different ways of applying the Gospel of Jesus to the needs of their times.  In 19th century France a group of people found a way of living the Gospel that answered some of the spiritual needs of their post-Revolution world. This was new and refreshing in their day. It’s still fresh today.

Chapter one – Consider the rock

Silent Voice

An echo of what I heard

Six thousand pages

Such is the first step

I heard interiorly

The dispersal

Jeanne-Marie Chavoin

Marcelin Champagnat

Jean-Claude Colin

The project came from God

Unheard of… a monster

The finger of God

Consider the rock

Chapter two – Something new for our times

It makes a difference

Something never neard of

The end times

New world – new church

The Work of Mary

In this world

Instruments of divine mercy

Useful instruments

The Great No’s

The only way to do good

Flesh to the Word