A Certain Way

There is a certain way of living the Gospel, the way Mary lived it, as understood by a group of people called Marists.

This is the story of those men and women who in the 1800’s committed themselves to what they called “The Work of Mary” and began a movement which is still developing today.┬áIt is also the story of what makes today’s Marists think, judge and act.

Over the years, many people have provided scholarly research into the origins and spirituality of the Marist project. Many have added to it.┬áResources such as “A Certain Way” come alive only when they are sought, searched and used. By reading this, you have already brought further live to the Marist project, but how will you let it speak?

This website can be read from start to finish, as a continuous text, or on the other hand each resource title is self-contained and can be used as a single unit for reflection.

The pages here can be opened at any part in to get a taste of this way of life in the Church.