There is a certain way of living the Gospel that has never ceased to attract me: the way Mary lived it, as understood by a group of people called Marists. This is the story of those men and women who last century committed themselves to what they called “The Work of Mary”, and began a movement which still thrives today. It is also the story of what makes today’s Marists think, judge and act.

A Certain WayOver the years, many people have provided scholarly research into the origins and spirituality of the Marist project. Other people have added to this: young men and women, novices for the Marist religious life; men and women who live this way of life as married or single people; high school students who have somehow caught a glimpse of what this spirituality could mean for them.

So this website, which is a digital copy of the book “A Certain Way” was first published in 1995.

A Certain Way is about the “Work of Mary” is also the work of many. Much of its content has been gathered from sources which may not be easily accessible to people. There are extracts from serious monographs and scholarly studies. And there are shafts of insight provided by people who would never consider themselves scholars, and may be surprised to know their words are even quoted! The freshness of these insights adds another dimension to the work of the scholars. In this sense, everything written here has been created, or lived, or written by others before a word of it ever came to be written by me.

Resources like books and websites come alive only when they are used. You have already brought this resource to life. How will you let it speak?

It’s an unusual resource. On the one hand, it can be read as a continuous text. On the other hand, each topic is self-contained, and can be used as a single unit for reflection. The topic provides a commentary, while the rest gives further matter for reflection. So the ideas can be opened in any. In this way, you may be able to get a taste of this way of life in the Church. However, when all is said and done, it is Mary herself who will communicate her “spirit”. Let her be your companion and guide in reading this material as she has been mine in writing it.

Craig Larkin, sm