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A Certain Way is the reproduction of the book, and as such won’t change. So why sign up to keep informed of developments?

The book is used by many Marists from all branches of the Society of Mary around the world. It seems shame then to not build on this interest and put these people in contact with others. At this point however we are not really sure how to go about it. Issues include:

  • having a community manager or managers
  • getting the right social mix
  • finding the technology to fit the outcomes

While some see some scope with Facebook, there are well documented privacy issues with this service. People’s privacy is important to us at A Certain Way, and the freedom with which Facebook uses people’s data means this website does not want to be directly involved with them at this point.

Technology is constantly developing, and something new is bound to be around the corner. If it suits the purpose, we will use it and like to be able to offer you the opportunity to take advantage of it, hence the invitation to sign up to be kept informed of any developments when and if they take place.

We welcome any feedback or comment.

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